Planning for the second half of 2019

Dear participants,

In the following news, we want to give you an update on the current status of Levolution and its next steps.

  • Planning for the second half of 2019
  • LEVL Token listen on Coingecko
  • Second Exchange listing
  • Token withdrawal function

Next steps.

The next steps of the project are based on three pillars, expand the partnership network and platform demand, the licensing of the platform as a “White label Solution“ and the creation of an own exchange.

In the coming weeks and month, the next technical developments of the Levolution Platform will be implemented and integrated. At the same time, a targeted marketing strategy is being pursued in order to consolidate the Levolution brand in the market.

A new Levolution website is currently being developed, which already will include a pre-stage to the final planned platform in order to be able to serve the first clients and project and to keep growing the partner network. Currently, the technology of the Levolution Platform is already being used to develop two token offerings.

After the positive feedback and the numerous partnerships request the project received at the NYC Crypto-Week, the team decided that it will take part of all big upcoming crypto events in 2019, with the goal to establish new partnerships and onboard more clients. It is also planned to license the Levolution Platform and offer it as a so-called “White label solution” aiming to increase the acceptance of the LEVL token as a payment method which should increase the long-term demand of the token massively.

The team has also planned to develop their own Crypto exchange, as a virtual launcher and incubator for token offerings, it is very important to provide liquidity to upcoming projects, and this can be achieved through an own exchange. Moreover, this move fits perfectly in the strategy of the company to keep expanding its ecosystem and uses cases of the LEVL token.

LEVL Token listed on Coingecko

The LEVL token has recently been listed on Coingecko is a ranking and rating website for tokens and cryptocurrencies. The website represents key figures and metrics in a much easier way, and gives a good overview of the overall performance of the token.

Check LEVL on coingecko here

Second Exchange listing.

After the success of the LEVL token on the Asian-Crypto exchange Coineal, the Levolution team has found a second exchange that meets the high demands of the project.

This Crypto exchange has over $700M in daily volume and targets markets like the EU, Russia and South America. The team has selected this exchange as it will help keep increasing the awareness of the project in new markets and improve its brand image, as well as increasing the demand for LEVL Tokens in new markets. Soon we will release the name of the exchange.

Token Withdrawal.

We are proud to announce that the token withdrawal function has been implemented in the token portal, all participants can withdraw their LEVL tokens directly to their Coineal wallet or any other supporting ERC-20 Wallet,

Please keep in mind that all participants have to pass the KYC process prior to withdrawal.


Although Levolution has reached several milestones in a short time, the project is still in an early phase. The current development of the crypto-markets and major cryptocurrencies, as well as the implementation and adoption of the blockchain technology in large corporations and banks, shows that this technology is indispensable in the future. The Levolution team is building its recognition not only in the ICO/ITO sector but also in consulting and development of token offerings.

We hope you are as excited about the upcoming events as we are.

Your Levolution team.