Third Token Burn Upcoming

Levolution, trading at,, and; trading pair (LEVL-BTC), will begin its third token burn event on the 26th of November. With the two previous token burn events yielding much success — supplying the project with a considerable amount of exceptional service providers — Levolution is holding high expectations for the upcoming token burn event. 

As a result of on-boarding our latest group of service providers, we have begun to prepare the next update to the Levolution platform. This update includes further back-end development, which will allow users to set up all the parameters of the token sales smart contract. These parameters include determining use case, appointing the total supply of tokens, determining a price point, choosing a consensus mechanism, establishing the internal architecture, maintenance of APIs, designing the interface, and assuring that the cryptocurrency meets all regulatory and law requirements. Succeeding the platform update, We anticipate that many of our leads will begin familiarizing themselves with the platform. 

As we advance toward Levolution’s next token burning event, it’s imperative that we inform you of the time span in which these events will take place; as you may find interest in taking advantage of this opportunity.

The token burning event schedule is as follows:

Event 1 – 50M LEVL Burned, Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 – COMPLETED

Event 2 – 50M LEVL Burned, Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 – COMPLETED

Event 3 – 50M LEVL Burned, Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 – UPCOMING 

Event 4 – 40M LEVL Burned, Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Through further progress of the project, these events serve to increase the value of LEVL  in the long term.

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About Levolution

Levolution marries the latest blockchain technology with a groundbreaking token offering platform. Overall, our mission is to aid blockchain startup companies in breaking through barriers to entry. Relying on social incubation and the team’s core internal competencies, the Levolution platform aims to help companies attack these barriers. This is done by sourcing innovative strategies from community members and token offering participants.

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