Levolution Development Status and Outlook for 2022

Levolution Development Status and Outlook for 2022

provides an update on its development status and direction for 2022.


In the last 2 months, the Levolution team has worked extremely hard on furthering the development of the portal, which brings with it extensive innovations, and the new portal version 2.0.


The updates include:


•  Levolution has the capability to work with multiple blockchains 

•  Smart contracts can now be managed and deployed within the portal

•  Implementation of multi-currency wallets on the Levolution portal 

•  Smart contracts and campaigns can now be deployed on over 200 blockchains

•    First Levolution client to launch its project on Polygon 

•  LEVL integrated into the Binance Smart Chain and Fantom

•  Develop and integrate two high volume inbound marketing strategies 

•   Levolution attended TNABC Miami

•  Batchr Finance updates


The comprehensive technical information will be published in detail in our Medium channel.


In recent weeks, the integration of the LEVL token into the Binance and Fantom blockchains has been a priority in order to enable easy and, above all, cost-effective trading compared to Ethereum.


As of now, the LEVL token is deployed on the Binance as well as the Fantom network, and the trading pools will be set up in the coming days.


Please note the correct contract address. All data has since been updated at




All of the above-mentioned updates contribute to mass adoption, as Levolution can now increasingly approach the respective blockchains to integrate the Levolution platform, and at the same time incorporate the use of the portal for the launch of new projects. As far as we know, there is no comparable platform, especially in the DeFi area. Layer 1 solutions are currently looking for platforms such as the Levolution Platform to attract new, and in some cases, inexperienced crypto investors, while providing at the same time a secure “all-in-one” concept.


Levolution has also been stepping up its marketing efforts via social media, company and project news, and new project developments. In addition, Levolution’s attendance at the North American Blockchain Conference (TNABC) in Miami proved to be a huge success. The newly integrated multi-chain capability of the Levolution Platform received a lot of positive feedback from TNABC attendees.


With the combination of the marketing campaign, the current low market capitalization, and further project developments – to be announced at a later date, the Levolution team expects enormous short and long-term growth.


As announced in November 2021, Levolution has developed the “AIT” standard, which will bring together crypto and traditional finance.


Enclosed is a preview: https://youtu.be/Bb21MDVMVA8

For further information, please register at: https://batchr.finance/


From February 10, 2022, to April 30, 2022, Levolution will be taking snapshots of balances held in the Levolution  platform, in order to distribute some BATCHR Tokens via  Airdrop to its community