Levolution Portal Update (August 2021)

Levolution Portal Update (August 2021)

This week, there were some exciting and important updates deployed on the Levolution Portal. We’ve made changes to our UX, stability infrastructure, transaction fee processing systems, wallet integrations, KYC process, and memory capacity to better service the Levolution community.  


The following highlights the updates that have been made to the portal functionality: 


• Upon logging in, users are presented with a new entry in the headline; you can now find a status display (green antenna symbol) that indicates the current operating status of the portal.


The stability of the portal was further strengthened by adding “fallback” functions to protect it against failures. There was previously a synchronization issue with the Ethereum blockchain, which led to all wallet levels briefly displaying 0. This has now been secured by a fallback function which ensures that the portal continues to run with full stability. 


• The calculation and processing of transaction fees have been improved. By changing the transaction fees in the blockchain every second, there were more cases in which transactions were not delivered due to the fee being too low at the moment it was set. The update has optimized this issue and ensures secure delivery of the transactions.


• The Metamask integration has been updated and now enables the use of Metamask wallets for payments and transactions within the portal. All you have to do is connect your Metamask account to the Levolution Portal. There is now an integrated MetaMask button on the Depot / Wallet page.


• The KYC / identification process has been brought up to date with our service provider.


• The display and use of the portal on mobile devices have been improved and optimized. You can now make use of the portal while you’re on the go.


• The memory for your own Ethereum Blockchain Node has been massively expanded.


With this major upgrade, we’re bringing it all together. You wanted improved speed, stability, and performance? You’ve got it with the latest update to the Levolution Portal. 


As always, if you have any questions or comments, we’re here to help.