Levolution Makes a Metaverse Appearance at the Miami Crypto Exp.

Levolution Makes a Metaverse Appearance at the Miami Crypto Exp.

We will be attending the hottest crypto event of 2021, the Miami Crypto Experience (MCE), for the second time in a row. The three-day event kicks off on November 12, 2021, and will be held at the James L. Knight  Center in Miami, FL. In addition, the event will also take place virtually in a custom metaverse.


The Miami Crypto Experience is no ordinary blockchain conference, it is a unique hands-on event that brings together a few of the most renowned experts in the space and some familiar faces from other industries. 


This may very well be the most unique blockchain event that the world has seen yet. The MCE is a three-day event that consists of 40 vendors, 25 workshops, an NFT gala & auction, an incubator night, a bare-knuckle fighting competition, a Mclaren giveaway, and a metaverse experience. 


After much success at the last MCE conference, we’re sure that you’re wondering how we’ll be participating in the MCE this year. This time around, we’ve decided to take the unconventional route and invite you to join us in the MCE metaverse. In the Miami Crypto Experience metaverse, attendees will find our booth which will contain resources that will explain how the Levolution Platform can be leveraged to seamlessly launch a token offering campaign. In addition, attendees will also be able to communicate with our tech team to answer any questions that they might have about our tokenization platform.


In addition to our participation in the metaverse, we will also be sponsoring the incubator night and kickoff/signup for the Miami Crypto Car Club. 


Our participation in the Miami Crypto Experience doesn’t end there; perhaps the most exciting topic of the entire conference will be the announcement of our partnership with Batchr Finance to release a new ETH standard in unison with a world-class asset management tool. This standard will define a new class of tokens and completely reshape the way that we look at DeFi. 


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